The journey within

Be Still (Title Inspired from Mark 4:35)

~ If you truly have faith in someone, if you believe in the love you both
share, you will find yourself no longer needing confirmation, or approval,
and you will no longer attempt to prove each other’s love. You will just
know it exists, you will know it is there, you will know it is within
reach, and you will know that it endures. You will simply know.

How does someone go against a truth they feel and know inside of themselves?
How does one question its existence or doubt its presence?

This time, I have no long drawn explanation about ego or love, or both.

Just a simple question - which need not necessarily be answered, just thought about.

If you feel a truth in all its purity and it reveals itself to you, sit in its presence and that will lend you all the direction you need, all the strength you require, all the reason you seek and all the peace you wish to have.

Be still, and sit in the presence of Your Truth.

© Sneha Singh 2011


I needed to read this 24 hours ago.... 24 hours too late, but that's how the Universe rolls... You sum it up beautifully.. the essence timelessly captured. wow. x


... it's a bit like coming back home, isn't it? ...

* [[[hugs]]] & xxxkissesxxx


hello. you have written this well..

i need to know if i am writing this to sneha singh who read at DY Patil, Navi mumbai and hails from Mumbai, andheri region..

ashish sood


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